Maintenance | Phone Systems

Service Contracts from Elevate Technology + Digital Group. Maintain Your Phone System. Manage Your Budget.

Toledo area businesses can budget phone expenditures more effectively with a maintenance service contract from Elevate. Get the peace of mind that comes from full tech support.

  • Outage Protection. If a major outage occurs, a monthly maintenance plan will keep you covered with minimal disruption.
  • Fixed Cost. Your monthly maintenance agreement provides an easy way to manage the cost of your phone system by reducing the cost of unexpected major service issues.
  • Faster Response Time. Maintenance customers receive priority handling of service calls throughout northwest Ohio.
  • Free Phone Support. Avoid hourly tech support rates when you call us with programming or usage questions.
  • Free Annual On-Site Visit. We’ll check your system each year to ensure everything is running smoothly—and correct potential problems before they disrupt your business.

Learn more about how a service contract can help provide peace of mind for your business. Contact us today!