Elevate 3.0

It seems like yesterday that Elevate Technology + Digital Group opened its doors for the first time. Now in July of 2015 we are going on year three in business with many exciting opportunities and new products/services to offer our clients. Before we discuss where Elevate Technology + Digital Group is going let’s recap where year two led us as a company.

In many ways year two of being in business was a solid year of rapid growth for Elevate. However, with rapid growth comes growing pains that I know at times were felt by some of our clients. Elevate had to adjust to all of the new business which we had earned (and are very grateful for) but we also had to adapt with our scheduling and internal communication. We’ve solved many of these issues with project management software and personnel to accommodate these projects without overextending ourselves and our resources. Growth is good but growth can be painful for a new business. We’ve learned many lessons in year two and are stronger moving forward because of the knowledge we have obtained. And we know in year three our level of service and commitment to excellence will be at our highest standard which will benefit our clients as they grow along with us.

Year two also saw the concept and idea of digital signage become a core service for Elevate Technology. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a presentation (and subsequent research) by the foremost expert in digital signage by Dr. Lyle Bunn. Dr. Bunn has been a guiding force in the field of digital signage for the last decade, consulting with the likes of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors, McDonalds, NEC, Kodak and more regarding how to incorporate Digital Signage into their facilities. With help from our partners and the guidance of Dr. Bunn Elevate Technology has the tools and resources available to install and provide content in the form of digital menus, corporate messaging, video content and digital displays to a variety of business across many industries. We can consult, install, manage, and provide content to companies large and small. I am most excited about merging the world of IT and Digital Marketing through digital signage and having this become one of our core services not only in year three but for years to come.

As any business who has been around for a few years will tell you, sometimes you have to adapt to what is and is not working. In that regard, Elevate is going to begin reducing our security services offered. While we will still provide door access solutions through our telephone installations and camera support through our IT department, Elevate will no longer be providing security alarm installations or service. We will work with our current customers until they can find a new provider and we do have a few recommendations for that but starting August 1st Elevate will no longer be providing this service as we are growing rapidly in other facets and want to focus on our strengths.

Through the help of Ron Finn (who has over 30 years experience in broadcast radio) Elevate Technology is proud to announce the launch of our very own podcast: “Elevating Today”; the podcast that provides informative, creative, and process improving conversation to businesses and entrepreneurs of all size. We’ve already released our first podcast on SoundCloud.com and will publish a new podcast every other week which you can find on the blog page of our website as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. We’re excited about this endeavor and look forward to providing ways to make your business more effective.


Finally, it is my honor to announce for the first time the merger and subsequent expansion of Elevate Technology + Digital Group with The Answer Factory located in Bowling Green, Ohio. Former owners Bill and Kathy Gross have entrusted Elevate with their client base, office and retail store of 27 years. We are excited to double our business with this merger and to work with current Answer Factory clients on their IT support as well as offer our new clientele the expanded core services that Elevate Technology provides today. Also, we are excited that we have the support team and robust IT support the Answer Factory provides to current Elevate Technology clients. The merging of the two companies with Elevate Technology managing both client bases is an exciting opportunity for all parties involved and will provide two locations to better serve both parties clients.

As I mentioned early on it is hard to believe that we are already in year three of business. In that short time we have doubled in size each year and are very excited to see what this year has in store for us. However, we take very seriously servicing our clients and are striving to make year three the best customer experience yet. We thank you for your business and promise to keep you posted of all the great things happening with Elevate Technology + Digital Group and The Answer Factory!


                                                            -Matt Mackowiak